The Sisters of the Missionary Work of Jesus and Mary, interpreting and responding correctly to the Charism entrusted to them by the Founding Mother, Blessed Maria Pilar, propose as their main purpose to serve Christ with love in order to realize the Consecration of life in the faithful practice of works of mercy especially with the poor, the sick, the marginalized, workers, children and the needy of any kind.

Congregazione Opera Missionaria Gesù e Maria


The Congregation  is present in America, Asia, Africa and Europe, in particular with the Missions of Apostolate in Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Mozambique and Indonesia.

The Mother House is located in Logroño, Spain, where the spiritual Daughters of Maria Pilar Izquierdo continued the Work with fervour in the years following her death. The crypt of the House where the Blessed Mother rests is the destination of many faithful who go there to thank the Blessed Mother or ask for intercession for new graces.

Tomba Madre Pilar

Crypt of Blessed Maria Pilar Izquierdo Albero

In Rome the Sisters have been present since 1996 with their collaboration in the parish of St. Irenaeus in the district of “Centocelle” and since 2017 they have continued their vocation and service in the “Virgen del Pilar” Guesthouse.

Suorine della Casa per ferie

Sisters of the “Virgen del Pilar” Guesthouse

All the sisters of the Rome community in the garden

The Sisters of the Missionary Work of Jesus and Mary are a non-profit religious order. The rate charged for hospitality, in addition to covering the running costs of the Holiday House, supports the charitable and social activities that the Sisters carry out with dedication in different continents.



Those who come to stay in our Guesthouse, in addition to spending pleasant hours of relax you will help us to maintain our missionary activities scattered all over the world!